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*byte bulletin #1*


Thank you! This is one of those pivotal moments in byte, details about what we can’t wait for!! HYPED!


Thank for the info drop!
Will we be able to upload from computers as well? Or will we have to upload from mobile only? As it is, most editing will happen on computers, and it’s just an extra step to have to transfer that file to mobile before uploading.


I :clap: am :clap: so :clap: ExCiTeD!!! ekelikeklwrkjsewjheahjrukrei BYTE IS SO CLOSE JYDJYDHYUJIUEL I’ve recently met someone irl who will probably join the app too :smiley:


it’s coming back :clap: I can finally grasp this chance to become the content maker i wanted to be


this has been the most informed post ever!!!


ya yeet do it dude


Well damn y’all pretty much answered all what I wanted to knoww


Hey guys!! we just wanted to ask a question this is an awesome community however what will happen when byte comes out with this website? Will it stay? help out our future Bytes??


Add on to this, how will you ensure that companies take seriously the DMCA allowances and don’t claim what they aren’t entitled to


Awesome! Thank you so much! I’m so pumped to be a part of this!


Okay real question since I haven’t seen anyone bring it up in a while.

How will users be punished if they break the app’s T&S. Does the user get their account hit with strikes before they are banned? Or will it depend on the severity of what is being uploaded (animal abuse, fighting, gore)?


Ugh this has hyped me too much now raazzzz. Thanks to all involved!:smile:


That’s a good question Alex. Definitely something that I want to know.


I´m about to cry (jk) haha. But this is amazing, like this is really happening.




Not surprised by the delay, but still looking forward to the app.


on the app will we be able to see how many people looped our video (aka views) or will it only be likes/shares/comments
also the accounts in the screenshots have quite a few followers. how many people are using the beta right now?


Thank you. :heart:


You’ll probably be able to see your loops. You can turn the display number on or off.


What’s #2