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*byte bulletin #1*


so it’s sounding like February :scream:


You answered everything I wanted to know. Thank-you so much Byte Team!!! :raised_hands: #hypeforbyte


So grateful! Thank you :heart:


Oh dear lord now I’m even more excited and I didn’t think that’s possible! Loving the bulletin and it’s super informative! Keep it up guys and can’t wait for the next one!


Very customizable.


You answer all my questions you are the best, this is going to be beautiful yall I can’t wait for the app to drop​:fire::heart:


Cami is really byte’s God.
Cami is love
Cami is life


Awesome! you answered most of the questions i had, thanks so much!


It’s great to see so much info in one place! In regards to display names, are there known length minimum and maximums for them yet?


Whoops, completely forgot to ask, but are we able to create multiple accounts (ex: one for friends/irls, another for online people, etc) and if so, is there a feature added to switch through accounts easily (ex: Twitter’s feature to switch through accounts)?


Will the follow up beta sign up and the 24 hour beta sign up both get in the first wave invites great update


will the beta be released on Android and iOS at the same time?


Omg this has me so excited :laughing:


woohoo!!! all aboard the hype train!!!


@cami_p TE AMO, BAI :heart:


this has just made me more hyped for it lol

anyone noticed that the time on all the interfaces is 9:41 just like the apple commercials cause i think that was the time the first ipad was announced idk lol


Exactly what I wanted to hear!


Thank you :heart:


questions i have for bulletin 2

how many social links can be added?
can forum accounts be linked?

will teams have usernames?
what capacity will teams have?

Thats all! thanks again :slight_smile:


I know you probably don’t want to be pestered with this question, but since January isn’t happening, is the first wave of beta going to be rolled out in February?