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Bye sister


James charles has lost 3 million subscribers in maybe 24 hours. I personally unsubscribed because his apology video was so inadequate and terrible. he was a great youtuber but not anymore.




Too true !!!


His apology video felt so insincere and rushed. He should have took his time and addressed EVERY POINT made by Tati. Take the L, apologize, and own up to what you did. That’s the only way to survive getting exposed like that.


I don’t watch YouTubers with drama and have never even watched a James Charles video :sunglasses:

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How can you defend a sexual predator? This is literally what Tati exposed him on. He would continuously harass straight boys and pressure them into doing things they didn’t want to do. He took advantage of young men who were just trying to figure out their sexuality. When they would call him out on this, he’d pull the ‘poor old me’ act and lash out on Twitter. Not only this, but he catfished the football team at his old school into giving him nudes. That’s a literal crime, not to forget how predatory it is. These are a few examples of the many things he’s done.

Tati and James (her husband) gave him everything. She literally started his career. I can’t believe I used to like him.


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lets not forget that this all started because james promoted a product that competed against Tati’s. If he wouldn’t have, possibly nothing would have happened. Does it mean that it would’ve all been alright and everything forgotten had James not done the ad that bothered Tati? hmm.
-disclaimer, i know nothing about beauty youtubers outside of this drama


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Tom, everything you are concerned about was addressed in Tati’s 43 minute video

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