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Buzzfeed quizzes are... weird


Hello people of Byte,

So I decided to do some Buzzfeed quizzes. And well, they’re weird to say the least. If you scroll down I linked the Buzzfeed quizes, and be sure to comment what results you got. I’m curious!



Choosing different types of muffins has shown to me that I desire true love, I’m confooooooosed.


Someone finally said it!


Time to @ Kendall. I am coming for her :clap:


buzzfeed is never wrong!!111!1!!11!


can’t believe she lied!111!!!1!11 :triumph::triumph::triumph:


Loved the video :joy: You’re so funny with that Kendall Jenner rage quit thing


ahaha thanks alley!!!


Ikr. How rude :triumph::joy::joy:


Muffins in the uk can also mean just a flat loaf


guess you learn something new everyday