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Buisness Accounts for Byte Accounts


Since many small business owners (like myself) and large business such as Nike, Chipotle are bound to be on there to market their brands, I think having buisness accounts like IG would be nice, but the only way to activate them is to average 1000 comments per post, 10,000 followers, and at least a 100 posts. The reason I say comments is part of the equation is people who leave a comment usually are more likely to consume the content than the people who like or follow. What are your thoughts on business accounts?


the app already has a few accounts created on various social media platforms.


I think he’s talking about a business type of account that companies could make on Byte to differentiate themselves from creators.


I like that, but I think that that could repel companies. Even if you’re not really followed, it’s good to be everywhere, as that’s a usual business strategy.

Also, how would their account be at first if the requirement is not met? Is there a time limit to get followers/stats?


I feel like that is a very high threshold.
Probably be more like have had the account for 30 days and like 1,000 followers


I’m sorry but I just don’t see a small business getting 10,000 followers, and certainly not more than 1,000 comments per post.


you can activate a business account on ig in settings, there isnt a threshold


i second mason, doubt a businiess would make it to 10k and 1k comments without fakes.

moreover i dont remember if vine had business pages on the app


Yup that’s whar I was referring to.


When I was talking about business accounts I was referring to things like IG where if you have a business account you can see analytics such as the demographics of your folllwers versus having a normal account you can’t do that. My main reasoning for doing that is many people will be using this for social purposes rather than business so why not a business account to distinguish the two. Also the requirements being so high is simply to reduce spammers and also know that you’re taking this seriously rather than just a part time hobby. Sorry if this came off as rude and ranty.


I can see where you’re coming from, because the barrier to entry is so high. You can still create an account, you just can’t see analytics of your account until you reach said threshold. There will be no time limit to reach the threshold. Basically my reasoning behind it is to seperate the people who are serious about this platform from the hobbyists and spam bots who want to be on it.


I can understand where you’re coming from and I respect your opinion. My reasoning for it is to simply weed out people who don’t want to take the platform seriously and reduce the spam bots. In my opinion, in order to gain certain features and status on Byte the barrier to entry should be high to get creators who take their craft seriously.
on Byte


After reading this I see your point. Thank you for the constructive feedback


That’s true, and I respect your statement. My reasoning behind the high threshold was to reduce the number of spam bot accounts and people who don’t want to take Byte seriously as a platform.


Yeah man. A lot of small businesses are in towns that don’t even have 10,000 people.


I think that if business pages were to exist, it’d have to go through byte staff members. And I’m talking about like, real business pages. Not like people on instagram who have 500 followers and would create a business page as ‘Influencer’ or something. Actual businesses, also not the businesses where someone with 40 followers starts a merch line then only uploads 2 posts then completely forgets about it.


Yeah, and instead of instantly receiving, the company can apply for business status which will cut out unwanted bots or trolls.