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"boring" videos


i love watching people cooking eggs, sitting at the park, playing with their puppies and babies. is there room for this with an artistic slant or is it firmly instagram territory at this point?


Allow posts to have multiple Vines on one post maybe? And allow scrolling through them?

Kinda like how Snapchat splits the videos automatically.


Part of me wants to say yes because that level of calm reminds me of those paint or slime mixing videos which are notoriously instagram.


There is always room for puppies!


Those falling bead videos lel

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theres always room for diversity and new ideas, i feel like vine is for all
viewers and creators not just the “meme niche”


Give me one ticket to cringe town please.

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I really liked that vine wasn’t just about crafted videos with cuts/editing/music etc. It was nice just to see people’s lives. I don’t think it’s purely instagram content either because who’s to say that that stuff doesn’t already happen on instagram with an artistic slant?


absolutely. to me it seems like Vine spurred those simple videos with an artsy tone. I was talking to a guy who started on vine but is now on instagram (@grayscaledreams) who makes similar artistic videos and he told me he’s not really adapting to instagram as well as he did vine.


also does instagram have a perfect loop yet? i know it didn’t use to work with music. it always left a second of silence before repleating


I want to see vids of all sorts! I would hope this new app promotes elevating slice-of-life vids with an artistic combo of music, technique and yes, perfect loops.


I feel like there should be different categories for different videos that the creators can put them into so like talent ones into talent and comedy into comedy and so on? Then people can choose what type of video/vine they want to watch.


I remember watching a video of someone playing with their dog in the park as soon as the app was released, but I also used to watch people being funny and also singing! I think there is room for everything! We just need to find a way to define these fields, something that can be solved by creating categories.


I honestly think that we need these type of vines, not only to offer a variety of content, but to make other vines stand out, like if it were all comedy vines none of them would stand out because they would all be funny.


I think there is definitely a place for this on v2, it could have its own category. But it’s possible that v2 might get saturated with this, just like Instagram. I don’t think you would need to go out of your way to give it a category, or give it any special attention, as users will probably make and upload them anyway.


The slice of life vids/accounts are some of my favorite accounts. They had their own unpretentious artistry and they were often great community members.


Personally I feel there is room for all types of content on v2… There will always be people who have different tastes and don’t just want that comedic side that was the majority of videos on Vine, so if the artists want to create these videos then bring it on and there will be people to enjoy them.


DOM this is your app, your project. You do you. If you reintroduce categories, maybe “leisure” would fit that genre and everyone can win. I’m about it. Heck we all could use more dog walking, baby cooing, egg frying v2s.

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that was abrupt, I apologize. I’m just very passionate about ~art~


I’d say why not? Vine originally wasn’t all sketches. Why not bring some stuff like that back?