Book recommendations?


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Warning: This book could change your life


I have always loved the Escape From Furnace series by Alexander Gordon Smith. (one of my favorite authors of all time) Its got some disturbing “visuals”(?) but if you arent easily creeped out id recommend the first book at least.


Wow… :open_mouth:


But in all seriousness, The Bridge of Terabithia is a very good book if you haven’t already read it.


So, I’m the president of my university book club and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what we can read this month. The theme is horror/scary/mystery. All suggestions welcome!


Better than the movie in my eyes.


Divine comedy by Dante Alighieri or Inferno by Dan Brown :yellow_heart::sparkles:


diary of a wimpy kid series


Ranger’s Apprentice. It was by far my favorite series.


Oooh I’ll have to check it out! :slight_smile: