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Blocking on byte


should you be able to block your account from certain people?
if there is a mentioned feature - hide your name from being @ ted or mentioned by people?
or maybe hide specific videos from people?






blocking + just not being allowed to mention their name



that is a bit extra

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but then it’ll stop people from mentioning you when you don’t want them to

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but its really not needed that bad

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i mean blocking should be a thing in my opinion

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blocking yes, tag stopping no



on insta if someone blocks you you cant @ them

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yeah but its not a separate feature



but if you could toggle it wouldnt it be better



i mean yeah i guess. it could stop people you dont want to mention you, but you dont wanna block them.
Like overly enthusiastic fans that tag you in every post.
I see what u mean now

Maybe you could only let approved people @ u

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This is an interesting thought. I’m sure some version of this will be implemented at some point (as so many apps have something along the lines of this).

What could help differentiate this feature could be to have different versions or types of blocking, such as muting (so only you can’t see content from a muted account), tag blocking or full-out blocking. For full-out blocking, maybe it could do something like Instagram where it doesn’t tell you that you’ve been blocked but rather just not show anything from search results from the person who blocked you.

I’m probably just rambling, but we’ll have to wait and see :grin:



i agree, blocking makes sense the tagging doesn’t that just seems so extra imo. Like on Twitter if you’re blocked by someone, you can tweet @ them all you want their not able to see you. I think that’s pretty much all you need, obviously you have the mute button too. Is there anything you don’t like? Twitter is pretty much sufficed, I can’t think of anything.



It should be an option. :thinking:I’m probably never gonna use tho.



I’m for it, but if we’re going to do it, then it should be an IP ban. Make it harder for them to create a new account and come back just to troll

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