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*Blast* feature on Byte 💥


According to dom "a blast is a byte you can make and schedule for a specific date and time . When the time hits , all your followers!!! Who are in-app will see it very prominently . (It can get comments and likes )

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i love this feature already, hopefully it would stay on after the season ends


This sounds interesting.


Sounds really really cool.

He must have worked a lot on the app tbh.


Gotta Blast!!!

We now know that dom is an avid fan of Jimmy Neutron


The feature sounds great honestly


This feature is something new for me and I can’t wait to experience it #hypeforbyte


I don’t want this feature to be seasonal. I reckon people could really benefit from this, but it’s Dom’s choice. At least he’s implementing it, I don’t think available on many apps.


I think he mentioned one time that if a seasonal feature went so well, they will have it permanent, and I hope this feature will be one of those :slight_smile:


Well I’mma reuse the heck out of it :joy:


Same here. That feature sounds so promising and I surely won’t let it disappear


Changed to ideas and features request. :yellow_heart:


Thanks Kaden :blush:


This would make creators hype but their followers also. Expecting stuff to happen knowing it will is a feeling that probably has positive consequences and now, using that feeling for an app probably will have a good effect.


Couldn’t have said it better myself :heart:


Did Dom say that Blasts disappear shortly after posting them or am I just making that up?


He did say that


Coolio I felt like he did lol ty!


BYTE BLAST! Content gonna hit em’ like…


This is going to be so cool !