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Blair Imani on byte?


Blair Imani is a black, queer, and Muslim author and activist that has been getting a little bit of more media attention lately. She actually signed up to the forums about a year ago with the handle @blair and said she was “happy to provide any input from a diversity + equity POV.” If Blair ends up involving herself with byte, how do you think she will do so? I’m curious to see what you have to say.

Here’s the latest interview she did with VICE in case you want to see that as well:


Always welcome to join byte lex. Anyone can join even on :vine: the white house, hilary clinton and buzzfeed joined.


Not watched the interview and don’t really know who she is but every ones welcome and if she breaks the rules then like any one she’ll be delt with I’m sure


@devynb @Oren Think you guys are both missing the point. She’s obviously welcome to byte as long as she follows rules, but I was asking what would she do on byte if she were involved with it (would she be a creator? a moderator? etc.)


A creator like everyone else…

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I’m not sure she’d probably be a creator idk I don’t understand why it matters tbf aha


we don’t know her intentions, but most likely the same as most people? sharing content?

i don’t see where “being a moderator” came from. because she’s queer?


no, it came from this quote:

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no this quote:

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Well, if she’s willing to offer a different point of view for the sake of diversity, I think that could qualify as some kind of good quality for a monitor or a moderator of the app. That’s where it comes from.


takes more than that to moderate an app. an advisor for equity issues seems to be a better fit


but then again, she’s likely here to use byte normally like the rest of us

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That argument seems fair enough. Just created the topic to see what people had to say about that because I’ve been wondering about it for the past couple of days…

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She might have the agenda to raise awareness for social issues or spread positivity; either way, it’d be interesting to see what she would do


Are you serious? :star_struck::frowning: I would be honored if she actually joined byte and I would love to work with her.

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Ayyy that’s cool that she’s on here with us, even though she hasn’t been active in like a year and three months.


Someone with such a unique perspective would be a huge asset in Byte regardless of how she provides feedback. I hope to see her and many other artists who have such a deep knowledge of social issues.


Agreed we need someone like that in our community. This is a crucial time to do so.

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We live in a age where everyone can be steered to the wrong views. Look how easily many believe flat earth theories, so having her would help alot for many to open ones eyes.