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Black Mirror


Wait i changed my mind the one that really blew my mind was white bear

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That one was crazy too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’m about halfway through season 3, but my favorite episode to date is Nosedive (3-1).

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That’s the episode I’m watching rn

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All of it. Im woke af

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Fifteen Million Merits (1x02)
White Bear (2x02)
Playtest (3x02)
Shut Up and Dance (3x03)
Hated in the Nation (3x06)
USS Callister (4x01)
Arkangel (4x02)
Hang the DJ (4x03/04?)
Metalhead (4x05)
Black Museum (4x06)

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White Bear, Black Museum, USS Calister, Crocodile. The dark ones. Hate San Junipero.

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San Juperino has always been my fav and the black museum too. I forgot the one with the setting where you would have to rate a person and depending on their rating, they do good in life?

Anyways season 5 hype

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USS Callister :ok_hand::ok_hand: it was like the only show that ended on a good note and made me feel satisfied. The whole episode was just so amazing and it was a nod to Star Trek fans like me so that was nice.

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My favorite is the black mirror one!