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Bits for byte


Ok, first of all, I tried to look for an idea like this in the search bar because I know I got this from a similar but not exact post like this, so if anyone finds it, tell me and I’ll put it in this topic :smiley:

Ok, so here’s an idea: Basically every month, everyone gets one bit if they’ve been active on the app. A bit would be a special heart or like that you can give to your favorite byte that month.

A bit would be it’s own separate metric than likes on your profile, but would count as 8 likes on the byte you give it to. You wouldn’t be able to give more than one bit to the same byte, but you could give it multiple times to different bytes from your favorite byter

Let me know what you think!


That sounds cool! Themed little emoji type “likes” for the month. sortof like badges that can be used like currency?


Is it similar to streaks?


I like it. kinda cool


Hmmm nice, sound really cool :slight_smile: awesome to be honest :wink:


:thinking:hmmmmm sounds interesting


so it’s like giving a banana bunch, rather than a single banana!


That’s actually a great analogy


Yeah, kind of


idk i kinda thought of some concepts from mario kart :sweat_smile:


I think this is a really great idea! It would be great for the algorithm since obviously if a decent amount of people are willing to use their once a month “bit” on a byte, the content is clearly good and should rank higher on discovery pages and what-not :clap:


Yeah, and since it’s only once a month, it can’t be abused by creators to easily get their byte bumped each day.


Interesting concept! It’d be a neat way of seeing which content was best received over time as well.