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Birthday birthday birthday anniversary birthday


so my february is very crazy.
4th cousins birthdays
7th co workers birthday
8th little brothers birthday
12th my birthday - 16 woo wooo
14th valentines day
17th some friends birthday
21st one year anniversary :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
25th one year of parents being married
27th a nother friends birthday.

as you can see my February os so very hectic to say the least.
what i was thinking of doing for my anniversary os having a jar and filling it up full of 365 reasons why i love him.
anyone have any other ideas?


and 26th, my birthday… :ok_hand:


seems really active! i recommend doing something you don’t usually do, (i.e. draw a hyper realistic hq pic for him) or something like that. or just tell him you love him! anything works!


so. many. birthdays


that’s a lot of cake. lol


I know. … way too much cake


365 reasons sounds good :slight_smile:


My February is crazy cuz I’ve got to do tons of work and homework


what’s a nother???


Damnnn wild February lol seems hella fun :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Daaang you keep in touch with your 4th cousins? I have never met anybody past a 2nd cousin.


4th is the date lol


February is really packed up with events. Happy advanced birthday btw


I know I’m just joking :joy:


sweet 16. i hit that on april 9