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Biggest Rapper of 2020s (My prediction)

The biggest rapper in the next decade will be the Canadian, Indian descent rapper nav: image

I look at the top 200 most download apps in the free music section of the apple app store almost every day and noticed how many of the apps are Indian streaming apps. With an increasing indian population in the USA and I’m sure throughout most of the West, his popularity will only get bigger as he’s already pretty popular as it its. I’m not here to talk about whether or not his music is good or not, I’m just talking about financial success. I think he’ll reach the levels of Drake and Post Malone’s status within the next 10 years and become a super star in his genre. Post your thoughts below.


Ive never heard of him but the direction were going o feel we will see a lot more one hit wonders in rap or mumble rapppers. But maybe that guy might become big by 2020 :sunglasses:


if he goes in the direction he’s going now
poor melon will have to listen to nav again and give him a not good
hope he changes


The Biggest wrapper of 2020 will be snickers


Never thought of that one. He’s defintely better than m&m


cmon mumble rap is revoutionary and pushing edges of creativity (sarcasm)


As he gets bigger and seeking to go mainstream, I predict his music will only sound more commercial

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Nav is a good rapper
I love his bad habits album


Haven’t had a chance to listen to it, but might give it a try after hearing what you had to say