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Biggest creator of the first month


Pre release popularity will have something to do about it though. Because some people on the forums, whether they’re experts or just regular posters that are pretty well known, they can gain a following of people are their friends/followers in other places so they’ll want to support them.


I hope so too. The more people who started in byte and can do good on it, the better.


as soon as i post everyone will leave because my f-tier content, which i am v excited for


Forum/Discord related there could be so many, but know there are a few amount of users with around 50K-100K followers who aren’t part of this platforms but are ready to take over, they just don’t have the time to be here so instead they follow the news on other platforms.


My best bet… It could be someone completely random who never even heard of the forums.

Either that or Magicalvlogger


I think you will be the biggest in the first month, you’ve great content


that means alot man! but IDKK whyy i seriously doubt that :laughing: there are many other underrated ones too


Ik but you’ll be one of the biggest of all time


Ok we all know @Reallyahmed is going to be the first byte star.


Update it’ll probably be someone with a nice bright blue name on discord


I like the “creator of the month” idea, that would be cool


me bitch obviously

i feel like it will be @Reallyahmed or @sydknoxx or @ShonziTho


woah omg thats really sweet! :eyes: thank you :grin:

but definitely not me, the other two for sure!


Plot twist: ALL of us are the biggest creators of the month! :smiley:


awww thanks! <3