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Biggest creator of the first month


I wonder who the biggest byter will be within a month of it’s release. I hope that it’ll be someone who isn’t a very mainstream creator like one of the Paul brothers, or Lele Pons or something though…


I`ll be hahahaha and obiously my team that is call “The hermanos” :money_mouth_face:


It’ll be an Expert im sure


It’ll probably be someone roughy level 32 on the discord


Yass!! We unite!


retweet forever


Excluding creators Dom is personally reaching out to, it will probably be someone on the forums or discord who has a certain level of ‘clout’ in the community, so they can gain an early following on the beta.


haha YAAAS! check out our content! Ig:


Someone from the discord and forums for sure


cough cough poppy harlow


It’s gonna be me hehe


It’s just going to be whoever is funny. Yeah people have climbed the ranks in the forums and discord but that doesn’t mean they’re creative and funny


prob the bytches honestly or maybe im just cockey


Content wise prolly someone slightly edgy and has a really funny video that they know, and I mean know, could go viral.

Forum wise, probably @reallyahmed because of his Instagram following, which is bigger than I could ever hope to reach lol.

Universe-wise, prolly somebody already famous : (


I think it would be really cool if they did “creator of the month” every month lol


this…is a wonderful idea


@jaydel ALL THE WAY. LMFAO. SHELL BE LEVEL 1,269 BY THAT TIME :joy::joy:


aww ilysm :sob: it’ll be you! you’re so awesome and funny!


I could honestly see Ahmed being the most popular of the first month too…


That will really be interesting to see. I also hope it is a fresh face