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BIG Byte Update!


Video regarding the NEW Byte info!!!

Hey guys, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing my new Byte video. It took a while to make as there was so much information but I hope you’ll enjoy. If you’re not subscribed yet, be sure to do so!!! :wink: :hearts:

Also, help me reach 100 subs! Once I do I will do a Q&A where I answer these questions. Ask more if you want!


Amazing video :clap:


Great info👍




Flo made another dope update video. The universe is balanced again.


:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: thanks!!!


This is a more detailed and widely explained video. Good job


You make it all clear. Great job @Flo as always a good informative video about Byte


ty floseph!!!


Just watched this - absolutely fantastic as usual :smile:


The best vids!


tHanks homie




flo makes the good vids :grin::grin:


hahhahha i died at the math parts


Great video mate , looking forward to the next one :wink:


thanks a lot!!!


p.s. the mental math bit was the best part lol


thanks motch!


I’ve thought about also posting a video update about the new Byte, but have been very busy and haven’t got around to it, so I’m glad to see other people are doing this! I will post one this month.

The more we spread this the more people will be aware that vine is coming back as Byte!! (I say that because some people who loved vine may not have been notified or just not aware that vine is coming back)