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What happens if the content uploaded goes unseen or isn’t interacted with after the launch of the full app? Will that old content be re-boosted into the algorithm or something?


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i really doubt it… that would 1) not be fair to new content and 2) require doing a lot of work to whatever algorithm is in place

content that already exists from the beta will likely have a big enough boost from being the ONLY content available at launch so it’ll get ahead as is


hmmm :thinking:




good point, hopefully we’ll have a boost with everyone seeing it in the beta so it’ll show up when the app launches. But who know, hopefully all what we do in beta doesn’t just get buried.


At least I believe that Beta content will be even more successful at the beginning so maybe it isn’t necessary to re-boost it.


I dunno , but if that happens that would give a fair chance to everyone starting on day one rather than having the beta users with an advantage , but then again I guess they deserve it as they were the fastest to apply. :wink:


:sob::sob::sob:I honestly wouldn’t care if I was a beta tester. I’d FINALLY have the app.