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Best way to remove static/ hiss sound in videos


whats the best method (with an iphone camera) of removing the hiss / static sound in videos
like where should my phone go / what apps work for removing that noise (doesnt have to be iphone apps)


1 make the vid
2 make sure your vid has some extra part of just the backround noise (dont worry you can remove it later)
3 save the vid to a cloud/ drive ( keep the vid too cause sometimes the cloud can lower quality)
4 convert the vid to mp3
5 in audacity drag your now audio file into it
6 open effects and go to noise reduction
7 highlight the backround noise you recorded earlier
8 reduce the noise and move the file back to a drive
9 open up a movie making software like clips or i movie
10 stack the video with the audio u just made and mute the video.




I don’t know lol, but if I get to discover anything I’ll tell you


check post again


Or you could invest in a good camera and microphone and not have to do all that.


You are still gonna have static no matter the mic quality


I mean, if you get a good mic and a good camera you won’t have static. If you know how to use them.


Yesssss Audacity is such a blessing :pray:t2:


thank u. i hate that hissing sound. it’s ruins the serenity of a video


download audacity (its free) -> google how to remove static with audacity :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: the audacity!!! Also audacity is cool.


I’d use whatever I can with premiere pros audio editing features

But if it still prevalent then I’d go for audacity


hissity hiss mf