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Being overshadowed by big creators


@ShonziTho is this :arrow_up: what you were defending?

this is what happens when experts try to relate with the “mean experts” meme. no new users like experts or those that enforce the rules, because it’s “mean” or “rude”. you can tell me to “leave it”, but this is what you’ll get.




what the

ive literally been defending for you on so many posts?


That wheevan dude is so triggered


Yeah I wonder why, it’s so weird


i incuded this in one of my posts already


Well this escalated quickly.


the way i see it if the og :vine:rs come back with their following byte will have a bigger community and we will have a bigger change of being discovered.


Now all this has blown over a bit I feel I can respond.

Don’t discriminate based on autority level. Every expert came from somewhere.
I am just trying to help keep the forum clear of clutter and duplicate posts. @ryze posted a list of topics covering this already (thanks man :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2:)

I am not above anyone else in this forum. I am simply doing my best to follow the forum rules (which everyone should) and giving friendly reminders to people who forget.

These forums weren’t made for people to argue over little things like duplicate posts when it’s such a blatant duplicate. It is supposed to be a place for CIVILIZED DISCUSSION (ref. FAQ) Everyone knows it is whether they want to admit it or not. A lot of people have talked about this before.

@ShonziTho You aren’t acting very expert like. You have a position of (minor) authority and many people look up to the experts as role models. If the people who are supposed to keep order in the forums are the ones causing the problems then that will spell bad things for the forum in the future.

Also, please don’t assume my intentions when you have NO IDEA what they are. They are 100% helpful. I even made my original reminder nice and friendly because wheevan hadn’t been to the forums in a while and may have forgotten the rules.

anyone interested can read them here:


This topic has gone completely off track. Experts have been told that if there are duplicate topics, they should indicate it and link the similar topic. It’s part of the rules.

As for being overshadowed, it’s likely to happen anyway when creators grow faster than others. However, we can hope that it won’t affect smaller creators too much on the app.


i have no problem with telling people if it’s a duplicate post, as you can see i do it a lot and tell them to use the search bar.

you tend to do it with most posts even when it hasn’t been made before just to pick at them idk. you seem to do it in a ‘i’m above you’ way. that’s the vibe myself and others get.


There has been 0 posts that I have marked a duplicate that was not duplicate


People on this forum can really be a pain in the a** when it comes to duplicate posts, they don’t know the difference between duplication and similarities, they think when something looks similar they’re the same. Every time they come for me I tell them to shut up respectfully.




:grimacing::grimacing: definitely a duplicate my man.


I said “respectfully” because I never said “Shut Up” directly to anyone here. Most of the time my answers are a middle finger in their faces.


Stop ignoring the title of the thread, if you don’t feel overshadowed, find another thread that you can relate to cause as long as your answers are off topic IDC.


This thread is cancerous


The tea was spilled here. :frowning: hahshher
Also dom said (I believe) that this app was going to help small creators grow, so I’ll believe in his word.