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Being overshadowed by big creators


Oops I didn’t know I was committing a crime :crossed_swords:


When you don’t have anything meaningful to say, just chill, you just came from nowhere commenting like a manager at McDonald’s


that analogy was incredibly unrelated.

your “meaningful post” was a duplicate of several previous threads


“SIMILAR” is the word you were looking for.




You’re very stubborn :roll_eyes:


this has nothing to do with this post of his.

now leave it.


The vine OGs came from somewhere right? You can’t be “overshadowed” if your light is bright. (deep I know)
Stay in your lane and just have fun. The problem with Tik Tok is everybody is trying sooooooooooo hard. SMH
Just make something fun.


Yes I agree with that. People will know it’s “V2” and will be interested in the app.


If @Insyde wants to help someone, they have every right to. Just because he doesn’t have the badge, doesn’t mean he can’t help others. If you get the expert badge, congrats, you are a helpful treasure on here. But it doesn’t mean that users such as basic members and usual members aren’t allowed to do the same.


i know, but he does it unnecessarily and thinks he’s above people when he does it. many others feel the same


I’d like and rt this if I could


Don’t forget that his title on here says amateur expert!!


Sometimes, texts can be misinterpreted. Also, I haven’t seen it around. I’m not sticking up for them, though.


Oh I’ve just seen that… Probably just cockiness.


yep 8char


Create original quality content yourself and you will have nothing to worry about. You will be noticed. If you are creating because you love to create even if you don’t get noticed it doesn’t take away from the joy you get from creating. If you are creating only to appeal to viewers and to create a following, selling out your identity and integrity, unfortunately, there are enough people that wont recognize that and your expressions tailored to them will still appeal to them. In any case, the platform will grant you a potential audience. The quality and quantity of your audience will be determined by the quality of the content you make.


U seem to be having fun. I’m loving this good job, y’all are doing great so far. Keep it going :joy_cat:


Your expert “badge” whatever u call it doesn’t mean you have clout like 1M IG followers or any power whatsoever, for me it means those who keep this forum afloat ,which is good. It also means those who have nothing interesting in life to do because they spend their days and nights on this forum, always seeking attention thinking their so-called :medal_military: give them power, we can disagree respectfully or we can be rude to each other. :alien:


That’s the feeling u get from me that’s sad for u, which one of us thinks he’s above the other not me, u gave ur opinion more than 24hrs ago and keep coming back the feeling I get from u is, u make people feel like u’re strong and all over this forum. U got ur expeshde badge, chill :joy::joy: