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Being overshadowed by big creators


Would any of y’all be mad if dom goes around asking big creators on tik tok or any app to come to byte when it’s launched.
I would be mad because we would be overshadowed by them.
And let me tell y’all that the Facebook knockoff of tik tok, lasso did the same and the app sucks and has a 3.1 rating. If @dom asks them to come to byte it would seem desperate.
We need byte to take off on its own like the original vine, we don’t want byte to be a knockoff of any other app than the Vine. Who knows if the Lele Pons, king Bach, Logan Paul and Jake Paul would be where they are if they were overshadowed by big creators and celebrities back then.
Just my opinion, what do you GUYS THINK?!


lasso reviews, oush


Honestly, I’m sure dom doesnt need to ask people to join him. The app will attract a lot of creators on its own, and many big creators have already mentioned joining.

BTW, regardless of dom inviting people, there will be big creators overshadowing others, so i dont think it matters in that aspect


Like delta said, it probably won’t need to invite people to the app. It’ll kick off and naturally, social media influencers will flock to it to gain more ground and exposure. I’m pretty sure there are supposed to be some kind of consolation for smaller creators to get noticed though…


Already huge influencers will probably not get on the app if it doesn’t benefit them in any way.

If they do, then they’re probably paid to do so in order to promote it.


I wouldn’t be mad per se. I know that people will be flocking to the app anyways. I wouldn’t get all bent out of shape about it fam. Just focus on doing what you can do.


I don’t think he will have to ask either I believe the Og Vine creators have a passion for it and will be exited to try Byte. I seen one of Logan Paul’s podcast he mentioned V2 when speaking about the next big app and he looked super excited :+1:t2:


tik tok has a very good algorithm in the explore page where small creators also have a chance of having one of their videos go viral, so if dom could do a similar thing that would be great and we won’t have to worry about being overshadowed by big creators like on youtube


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Seriously, you really don’t have anything else to than that, your comment was totally unnecessary :neutral_face:


As much as I don’t fancy TikTok

That’s actually pretty true…they do have a really welcoming explore page


I like the way on tiktok anyone can get on the explore page


Big influencers are already prepared to hop on board. But in regards to being overshadowed… I consider it a nice challenge and they will be the ones to bring their followings in which we can utilize to our advantage. So honestly, its not a big deal. :sunglasses:


Not unnecessary bro. Use the search bar. It’s in the rules if you wanna check it out. Honestly it’s not that hard.


Anyways, I’m a student I don’t have a 9 to 5 job.


I think the app is gonna do fine all by itself. You gotta think, this app WILL hit the press simply for the fact that Dom created vine. That fact alone will cause it to do numbers out the gate. I say, just get your content ready ahead of time and hang on for the ride!


I agree. People who missed out on Vine should get a shot at getting their content out there. If you bring back the people from the other apps, as well as the new people on TikTok and what not, we won’t have a chance.


no no, that comment was absolutely necessary

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