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Battle of the V***s/V***rs!


Hi guys!

The spirit in this community has been a little off lately, so I just thought that we could play a game called ‘Battle of the Vines/Viners’. The rules are pretty simple:

So I say two Vine or Viner names (can only choose to play Vine vs. Vine OR Viner vs. Viner) - they can be big or small, and the first person to reply has to judge which one is better.

After choosing a Viner (or a Vine if you wish to choose two selected videos), you can choose one other and let other people decide their favourite.

Remember to include a title referrencing whether you’re choosing a Vine or Viner.

If you havent seen or heard of one or both of the Viners, you HAVE to check them out, otherwise the game isn’t fair.

Remember, THE FIRST person to reply has to be the only one to judge.

This game would be a great way to discover new Vines!

Anyway, I think the rules are pretty straightforward but message me personally if you don’t understand (so the flow of the game isn’t ruined).


TooTurntTina or Enjajaja?

First person to reply… GO!


my answer: Enjajaja
Enjajaja or Liza Koshy?



Daz or Sanders?


Sanders :stuck_out_tongue:

Sanders or King Bach?


100% King bach

Tom Harlock or Jay Versace :smirk::grin:


Tough choice… Maybe Harlock.

Drew Gooden or Quensadilla?


Danny Gonzalez or Chris melberger?


Gonzalez :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

DanNampaiiKid or Jerry Purpdrank :triumph::money_mouth_face:



Amanda Cerny or Lele Pons?maxresdefault


AMANDA by a mile

Edit: Forgot to choose two :joy:

Anwar Jibawi or Rudy Mancuso?