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Automatic Verified Bot on byte 🤖

A while ago, I stumbled upon @discobot’s profile again and it got me thinking… Could byte have its own automatic bot to help and reply to users and creators? :robot:

I was thinking this “byte bot” should be able to do the following if it were to be implemented:

  • let users know about the different features byte has
  • give basic tips to creators on how to make engaging content
  • choose a random byte profile to check out when the user commands the bot to do so (preferably with a message along the lines of “[insert symbol here]randomuser”

Would you like having a “byte bot” around or would you rather not?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


sounds like a great idea

p.s. hi @discobot :flushed:


That would be a great addition to the app. This is a cool idea that I personally would really enjoy.