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Attachments of Merchandise and Business Details on byte 🔗

Hello, again. :wave:
It is already public knowledge that some social media handles might be able to be attached to any user’s byte profile page. However, two other details users also like to attach to their profiles are links to their merch and links to details about how to contact them for business reasons only. I suggest making these details look summarized on screen to avoid clutter and establish a code process similar to the pseudocode diagrams shown in the following images:

What do you think? Are there any additions/subtractions you’d make to the process? If so, make sure to let me know below!

p.s. Sorry if the pictures look a little basic. I try my best… :sweat_smile:


Merch link on profile :ok_hand:

I like this idea, but maybe it should be something unlocked for having a certain number of followers or an account of a certain prominence? Not a huge requirement, just seems like a feature that not every single user needs!


Very good point… If it were to be placed, I think that limit should be discussed amongst moderators. :busts_in_silhouette:


This is a good concept. But I think minimalism is the best for now honestly

A simple “link in my bio” does the trick


For the phone number option, is there also a text option as well? Can we also put any website we want if we have our own.


Having the option of placing only one link might limit the creator’s amount of potential business opportunities, hence why I suggested having a button attached to the creator’s profile that can redirect the user to various links. :link::link::link:
I’m aware the pseudocode might make it seem like the process of accessing these links is difficult with all the arrows and text shown, but what the user will see on byte is very simplified as all they have to do is press two buttons and contact the creator or browse their merch. The pictures shown were made for the coders to easily visualize the implementation of these features. :slightly_smiling_face:


The second picture does present the ability to add a business website. Look for the neon blue text in the photo to follow the suggested process. :large_blue_circle:


That’s actually a very good point. I’m thinking about it from an Instagram/Facebook approach haha with Stories and stuff.


Attaching those buttons on profile pages would be very convenient. But on anything similar to Stories? That’s a no from me. :joy: That’s where it starts taking away from the simplicity of the feature, which is the highlight of the feature itself, like you said.


I agree with Dan, that it should be unlocked for certain creators, such as the one’s with high follower counts and good interaction numbers, and also with Alex, that a merch/info in bio is good too.

This is something that’ll take a while to programme, so maybe way further down the line, way after monetisation. This isn’t a bad idea.


I love this feature! Dom needs to hire you STAT! You’re so creative :))
I love the idea of merch being available only once you reach a certain number of followers too.

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Thanks for the support I appreciate your service, Captain


Found an error in one of the text bubbles shown on the second diagram! :sweat_smile: I have already fixed the error. :slightly_smiling_face: :white_check_mark: