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Are you open with your family members about YouTube (your channel, videos, etc)?


My parents don’t know im gonna byte buuuuut, they’ll eventually discover it.


Same. I haven’t opened up to my family about byte.


When I used to regularly make videos I’d tell them when I was recording or whatever.

I don’t ever really intend on making it a full time thing, or even trying to, so they’re ok with me doing it for fun


When I used to make videos on Oevo , my parents at first thought it was a waste of time and I should just study instead , but if you demonstrate to them why you are doing it , what your goal is and what your plans are then they start backing you.



Parents are going to be conservative until they see money coming in :slightly_smiling_face:


i’d probs be talked to about how it’s stupid or useless or something, and then if they watch the beginning stages, it’ll just be painful. I wanna start one sooner or later though, just gotta clear out some stuff in my life first :slightly_smiling_face:


Good arfy boy :yum:


Exactly well said !


I didn’t read :sob:


I’m planning on telling them once I hit a certain number. I want them to hear from me, not my gossiping family members. They are going to find out one day though.


Exactly! I’ll tell them when it’s worth telling.


It took them time to realize how bad I want this, but now my parents keeps telling me “you should make a video abt this (laugh)” after every awkward thing happens hahaha :joy:


They’ve been supportive ever since I’ve started 7 years ago. I think you should tell them everything, it can help in the long run if you have their support now. I’ve gradually been getting more and more in-depth into filmmaking and production so if I kept this a secret until today it would be a huge surprise and cause some problems.


Same :smile:


yes :slight_smile:


I feel you


Yes same here exactly


I agree with this