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Are you open with your family members about YouTube (your channel, videos, etc)?


Hi everyone. Me here.

To be honest, I am not that open to my family about me making youtube videos because

  1. My content is bad and they might judge me with that every day of my life.
  2. I fear that they might affect me on how will I do my content

But now, idk what am I into and I said to my little brother (which wants to do vlogs) that I have a YouTube channel. And ta da! My mother watches it now.

I am a bit embarrassed and weirded out hearing my videos playing. She even shared it to my aunt and cousins. I’m laughing and crying inside at the same time

Nice thing is that my family supports it now.

How about y’all??


Very open with all family ! I try to keep everyone in the loop


I am really open, my mom, my siblings and close friends are subscribed to my channel and they support me. But I get where you’re coming from :wink: i felt super awkward too


Yeah all my family and friends should probably know about it bc I shared it a bunch on all of my social media’s, plus a lot of friends attempted to make a channel too, I haven’t posted something in a couple months bc I started feeling like my content wasn’t that good enough but I’m slowly learning that I just have to create what I LIKE, but I’m also still learning to see what I enjoy creating cause idk exactly yet but I do usually feel like I’m going to get judged so I relate to you! But we have to just get used to it bc someone is always going to judge whether it’s good or bad !!


My parents know but aren’t really interested


My mom actually makes videos with me once in awhile. The rest of my family don’t take me seriously. lol Having support from family and friends makes things easier tho. I think it’s awesome that they support your videos. :hugs:


i used to tell my parents everytime i uploaded but they seemed to really not like my videos once i started vlogs and not skits so i don’t really inform them all the time
also they keep on saying i’m wasting time and should be studying instead so yeah i don’t like to do that anymore


Same here! :blush::+1:


I actually confided in my siblings about byte. I read some ideas out and they actually liked them. My parents and other family members don’t know though.


They recently found out about my podcast and music and they really don’t seem interested lol but I’ll keep that same energy if I ever blow up and they need bills paid


i am so open with my family about my videos, my mom is my #1 fan


My vids r too cringey for me to be open with them :laughing: I told my sister and my mom/dad kinda knows that I post on YouTube but I’d really like to be more open if or when I get monetized :call_me_hand::pray:


Yes. And I’m actually surprised that they liked it. They’re also subscribed to me now


Thanks for this.




Yes it is. I actually felt better when they liked my videos


That’s also one of the reasons why I did not open to my family about my YouTube Channel


Yes. :slight_smile:


Same here. At first I think my content is garbage and they might not like it.


My family knows but don’t really believe in it, but I just keep going. Important part is not to give up and change the content if needed