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Are there Beta Testers Now?


I am a little confused. Are there beta testers now and how can I apply to do that? Also, when is it supposed to launch? I’m eager and intregued


No. Only alpha testing. There have been beta sign ups in the past And more to come. Probably on this forum. Beta has no release date yet. The app launches in spring!


Thanks Chad! That was super helpful. Will there be an announcement of when they will be happening or will they just pop up?


So far they have just popped up and stayed open for about 24 hours. 24-hour beta signup starts now Like the last one :point_up:


Only Dom and his family/friends are testing the app out right now… More to come this month hopefully!


why! do you! guys! shouting?!


Yepp I believe something is definitely coming up this month :heart_eyes:


Yeah! That would be amazing!


UGH I’M SO EXCITED…And will be super bummed if I miss it


We get closer and closer