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Are the "previous viners" going to have a "special" place in Byte?


Well, I just asked since they had so much power back in vine.


Separate? No


hopefully not


no, i imagine we are all starting fresh. no matter who has a following or not.

dom is going to do as much as he can for smaller creators


Nobody is getting anything extra.
The only advantages people will have is their following on other platforms, but thats about it


I have heard that there will be some sort of verification how Instagram does, to confirm that someone is who they claim to be if they’re a public figure, otherwise, no they will not have any special privileges or titles.


hope not, they should start out on byte like everyone else


I just hope new aspiring creators will have the chance to shine on the byte like the original viners did on vine


Amen to thar


I hope BYTE will draw over 100M users within a year, none is banned.


Good, unlike YouTube does :slight_smile:


Except me, because I am better than everyone and I should be getting notifications for everything.

Haha, remember when I said that and everyone got mislead.

Sorry Guys.


I hope so too, lets see if this will be as big as vine.


Well said, everyone deserves a chance.


Hopefully we are starting FRESH going to be awesome can’t wait ! 2019 is here byte is close


make it a month #hypeforbyte


For me, I think previous viners will just promote their stuff on byte, and if given a vip treatment, it will be unfair for new creators who will actually work hard for the platform. Probably they will get their huge following on byte but it will be better if they also start from the beginning, just like anyone does.

And yes, let the “byters” shine on byte just like how “viners” shine from vine


Dom said that he’s going to give new creators a chance. Maybe he’ll make the algorithm more flexible or will make a ‘new creators’ category.


I definitely hope Dom does this. I would love the app to cater to both new and OG creators equally so the new creators can have a chance in the spotlight and the original creators can continue their craft without overpowering people who are just starting out.


I don’t care about any ex-viners, we need new emerging byters byterstars, it is a new generation if the app was still around we wouldn’t even have a place fit in it would be so crowded.