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Archive videos, make public & private?


what do you guys think about making videos public/private on byte such as it is on Youtube/ ? And even making your videos go to an archive like instagram !!! i wanna know what you guys think


I think that’s an awesome idea!! :bulb:


how come?


Just because.


I think that’s a good idea for people who upload on a daily to have that option of having videos on private or scheduled. I think that would be a good concept. However, I think archiving is more of a personal preference.


yes that’s an amazing idea! For me, I get periods of time where I am so creative and can think of many ideas and actually have the time to make them into an actual video, whereas some days I get creative-block or am just busy. Having an archive is good because it’ll keep my feed consistent and I won’t have to stress about not having any content


squad up jhon


Yassss Queen


Como se dice fight me


That’s a great idea :bulb:


I’d like that alot actually! Could help with scheduling etc…

And I’d definitely want to be able to archive vids I like so I wouldn’t have to search


This is a great idea! I hope Dom sees this and considers implementing it into the app.

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Sma shorty


i love this idea. i think it’s super smart. like you.