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App Stores where byte will be available in

When new apps are released to the public, they usually are through popular app stores such as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Nowadays, many companies with new apps seem to be okay with keeping their apps only available to access through popular app stores and don’t really care about having their apps available on less popular app stores such as the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft App Store. Will V2 be available exclusively on one app store or will it be available on various app stores?


very good question, wish i could help with an answer but my best guess would be that it will be as most accessable as possible

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I am going to assume it is going to be iOS and Android

So App Store and Play Store

My best guess would be that, like most apps, it will start off relatively small. It will probably be on just IOS and android for quite a bit of time before they consider expanding to other app stores and markets. This would make the most sense because these are the two largest markets and would therefore create the most exposure for the most amount of people without having to rewrite the app for too many more different platforms, but once they have a firm foot on the ground then they could spend more time and develop for the other app stores.


Loved how you included Microsoft and Google. They both get overlooked and hopefully that changes!


We could only hope it goes for other things besides app store and play store

I’d say iOS for the first time, until android app is stable.

Yeah its like that sometimes

Hopefully V2 can be accessible to most people, more the people, more the content :,)


I think you have to say more content , since vines is the name from the first app and this is going to be V2 as the name for video we call it V2os lol

V2s? thats all i got,

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Kind of going off what some people have responded here; I think it will stick to the most popular app stores first but I think it’s primarily because they are what is most common and it’s a new app. I imagine that making the app would mean making it compatible on different devices, so if the app didn’t do well, it could be reason not to add them to other app stores. Hopefully v2 will do well and we can see it available for everyone. :slight_smile:

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Excatly! It also would be very beneficial for the app to be part of various app stores since it would make the number of people able to use the app larger and, possibly, increasing the number of V2 users and content on V2.

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