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App being for the phone and computer


Im fine if its only on the phone but I find it much easer to edit and upload on my computer instead of having to send it to my phone (which sometimes doesn’t works). I personally feel that the app should work on both platforms (I also like watching videos on my computer more than my phone because of the big screen). What are your thoughts on this?


I’d like it on both !!


This has been discussed on various voice chat sessions on the community Discord server. All we know is that beta testing will include iOS devices and Android devices. However, we aren’t certain as to whether byte will be available on other app stores yet. For more information: please see this topic:


But will the app stores be for the computer or for the phone for instance I have an apple computer with iOS but I can’t download phone apps so will they create a website for it or will they create it to which computers can download it to


clear distinction:
iOS = Apple iPhones and iPod Touches’ Software
OS X = Mac Software

Beta has been confirmed for iOS and Android. It is uncertain (at the time of publishing this post) whether byte will be available on any other platforms. As for byte’s website, it is unknown whether it’ll be a website about the app’s info or a website where you can actually use the app. Like I said, you should check the topic I attached for more info.

Good question, though! :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be pretty slick


I’d love for it to be available on both.


I agree with this. I sometimes edit on the pc too