Anyone In College? I Need People To Relate To


I’m stressed out guys who else feels my pain lmfao.


I’m in highschool sorry :neutral_face:


Hahahahaha I’m ready to drop out but whats up my dude


Me too bro, college is hard. But im trying to keep my head up and pull through. My goal is to get As and Bs but I have a D in one of my classes right now. :pensive: But I believe in myself!


Enjoy it while it lasts!


You’re doing better than I am!! Haha stick to it and you’ll be done in no time! I graduate soon and I am NOT ready


Yeah I’m in my second year of college, it’s different from high school. I failed my English class and I’m retaking it this semester. You have to keep trying, most college professor at least at my college said they would rather have students making C’s and D’s because it means there trying and learning than breezing through the class with an A. It’s way tougher to get an A in college than high school.


God im dying every day fam


i’m in college and it’s honestly pretty easy compared to high school

what i’m saying is all my hurdles are emotional


I’m a 1st semester senior in college! n boi has it been rough. Not as tough as highschool workload wise unless you procrastinate like me :smiley: in which case it is so much.

Also the impending doom of graduation and whatever comes after that is always in the back of your mind

freshman year is baller though


oh my god me lol and i spend way too much time on these forums and my youtube channel when i should be doing my homework


i’m in college and so far i’ts pretty stressful but i’ll do my best :slight_smile: btw hi i’m from Indonesia


im almost finished with my core classes and so far I’m a C average student. Probably gonna fail my BIOL 1407 class this semester.


i feel the pain, sir. I feel it.


Godddddd I just checked my most recent graded and I totally failed my molec cell test :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I’m not in college, but we call it that in the UK. By that, I mean juniors and seniors in Britain are called college students. And boiiii it’s been hard.


i was

didnt work out very well


It is a financial struggle :slight_smile: