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Anyone else like Coldplay


Does anyone else like Coldplay? When I was younger, Coldplay used to be my favorite band, especially with songs like Viva la vida and the scientist. I stopped listening to music for a while, but the past few days, I’ve been getting back into their music.:thinking:


Meeee, I literally am listening to “fix you” rn lmao
Also have you watched the new movie bout em?


No, I probably will at some point soon though


clocks, fix you and paradise (espeically) are my favsss


OMG Coldplay is my stufd man


I don’t know much about them honestly, and am not a superfan, but I enjoy their music and appreciate what they’re doing. They make a different kind of music than what’s popular today, which I love.


Viva la vida, Paradise and Atlas are my favorites from them. They make stuff from time to time that just move me


They’re okay but blur is my favorite brit band


I love that song omg


Omg Clocks on piano is so beautiful !


When you try your best and you don’t succeed


Yes I love them


Yes! I’ve seen them live in concert. They’re amazing.


I need to see them in concert one day. I listen, and used to listen all day to their music sometimes and it would be great to see them live.


omg yes. BUCKET list is def to watch them live… Have you SEEN thier concerts?? its absoulutely groundbreaking


I tell myself that I’m going to cosplay every year but look at me still a normie


I love Coldplay. They are just one of those bands. Kind of like a modern day Depeche Mode.


Oh absolutely! I’m very excited about their upcoming documentary in December and their new album in 2019.


i think youuu misread the title :laughing: