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Any tips for drawing?


So I’ve been drawing digitally for about 2 years, and have gotten better (like really better :joy:) at it then when I first started. Despite that however, I still dont think I can draw that well, so I was wondering if anyone has any tips on improving that skill.

How I’ve improved so far


i dont have any tips, but i really like it! you’re excellent at drawing!


Thanks. Like I said, I’ve been trying to improve for a while, but I still have a long way to go. :smiley:


The drawing was great. I can see a LOT of improvement. For the advice, I have nothing in mind for now. But I will just say cliches, keep on drawing because if you do that on a regular basis, you will tend to find more knowledge and ideas until you fully discover your style.


seems like you’ve practically mastered your style

i can’t think of any advice except that people will pay quite a bit to get these made, you can get some money out of this if you’re willing


Awesome !


your work looks great right now!! honestly one of the best tips i got is to practice drawing from reference. even if you don’t want a realistic style (i sure as hell don’t) it’s a great way to get a handle on anatomy, shading, and all that!!!


i’d recommend making the jacket/ clothing more shaded or 3D. That would help with the realistic-yet-cartoony aspect, otherwise pretty good! lotsa vids online explaining clothing and folds and such : p


Practice drawing faster. Time yourself. The quality will increase faster than you’d think if you focus on speed.


Type in “Figure drawing excersices” on google. There are several sites (you can learn after one or two uses which one you like the most) that give you the excersise.

If you’ve never done it: It’s a series of photos, each on is on screen for 20 seconds to a minute (you can set it). The idea is that you sketch from bigger to smaller: First lines of direction, then general anatomy, then blocky anatomy, you just add more detail until the pic changes. Then you can go back and correct them after the excersice is over.

No matter what style you want to draw in, getting better at copying and understanding reality will help you improve. Realistic anatomy is a must. Realistic perpective is a must. You’ll bend the rules however you want, but first you gotta have a good grasp on them!


I don’t draw amazingly cool but when drawing or painting stuff, just let you be.


Nice drawings, if you’re looking to improve then draw over and over again. The more practice the more you see a change in what you draw it being either realistic or cartoon. Also work more on motion and angles.


Maybe start to focus more on making detailed backgrounds as well but don’t make them high quality maybe blurry so it looks out of focus and isn’t distracting but you have come along way and I really like the new drawing you made


When making webcomics keep the style consistant


Not an artist here, but like with everything, do it a lot and you’ll get better lol. Try researching stuff you like from other artist you follow like for example how to do shadows, Perspective, Backgrounds, Cartoon comics, etc. It depends on what you like!

Your improvement is crazy too, real good stuff fam.

If you love it, just keep it up :+1: