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Any Tennis Players?


I was just wondering if there were any competitive tennis players on the forum. I play USTA and ITF events all the time, and it would be cool if there were others doing the same. Might be a long shot, but why not!


Wow, that is very cool :tennis:


Aye that’s wassup! coooooool


Thanks, its really fun!


Thanks man!


I am quiet good at tennis but I’ve never been to any tournaments.


All my loops might be about tennis,


I played tennis for two years, and then stopped for some reason. I kinda know the basics on how to play, but I’m definitely not that good at it. I’m not a competitive player by any means, I’m just not that kind of person. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tennis! My fav… made a few comedy loops on v*!!!


i used to play a lot in hs. i was p okay. i didnt fully succ but i wasn’t a prodigy.