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Any ideas for a byte video idea


Ima be honest I haven’t made any ideas for what I’m going to post. But I’m definitely doing skits.


As soon as you think of something, write it down, no matter how “dumb” it may seem. You can always fix it later. I have a lotta dumb stuff written down


Same! I always write down my ideas for future YouTube videos & Bytes when they come to mind, and I always come up with them in the most random places!


That’s the spirit! Keep doing just that!


That’s good advice. And DON’T YOU EVER SAY “I’ll write it down later” BECAUSE YOU WILL FORGET.


whatever comes to your mind and you like how it might end… ust do it hahahah


I believe everyone is creative and funny in their own way. We just let fear and negativity hold us back.
Express yourself and be silly. lol No rush either…go at your own pace.:100: