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Answers to some of your beta Q's


Ayy thanks for the update!!


Thanks for the update Cami, we love and appreciate everything y’all are doing for the byte community. :ok_hand: :100:


Whoever made comment #60 on the first beta sign up is cool


Thanks for the update/clarification

Question: Since the beta will come in ‘phases,’ will access to phases carry over? If someone joins during the first phase, will they also have access to the beta during the second phase, or are phases exclusive to their respective sign up period


they will be added on top of eachother

glad to hear from you folk again!! awesome to hear about the updates and the presence of your involvement! looking forward to beta!!!

(p.s. add me back on discord @cami_p :wink: )


This actually was exciting to read :hugs: thanks for letting us in a little bit :+1:t2:


Thanks for a wok response


Thanks cami/team for the update! Look forward to the future :blush:

(p.s: @kaden quit being thirsty)


Thanks for the news now cant wait for beta


cant wait !!!


Hey, so long is there is news, I’m excited. Looking forward to seeing the new app!


oh Karen


@cami_p Hey! I originally signed up on the beta with an Android, however, as it is broken, it’s likely that I will get a new phone soon (iPhone). Will this affect my chance of accessing the beta?


The HYPE is real ! Cant wait


So awesome! Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop, we can’t wait :blush:


Yeeee can’t wait!


Ayeeeee turn up turn up!!!




Thanks cami the whammy


Shut up Sammy