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Another Idea Name


Hey again, here’s a new idea…

Loophole! Only, in this case, loopi’ve replaced the “O” with a 6 and kept the dice logo there too.

The concept is simple, 6-second looping videos.

You could refer to the users as creators/artists as Dom wished and the features can be simple: Repost, Like, Share etc


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What V2's name should be
Name ideas other than V2

It does sound catchier than v2 tbh


Yes, I like this name more, you were the one who put the name “Everlast”?

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Yes I was but I forgot that that was a really popular sports brand or was anyway :))


Ha thanks, I think Dom is deciding to ditch V2 pretty soon anyway.

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What about something simple like 6sec


I think it’s a strange name, but it’s a good name.


I like it! And it’s a loophole to avoid getting sued :joy: practical punnery!

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how about ‘Branch’ or ‘Art’

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How about verta?

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Somebody had an other proposition, and ir was “vibe” and I think i prefer vibe, but for the only reason that vibe is to close to vine, well i prefer your name


Dom already said we couldn’t use our ideas Vyne or Vibe because it was risky :frowning:


thanks. :o

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already companies


Yes, what i though

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I think the only problem with your name, is that it’s to complicated

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This is so cool! It would be amazing if your name gets picked. Well done, the logo looks professional imo :revolving_hearts:


Slightly but it means that it could be shortened to Loop


Thank you!

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can you put this in the thread dom created?

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