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Animated War/Drama Series Promotion Attempt :P


Would love to hear what people think :slight_smile:


this is really good stuff, my dude!


The animation and quality of the video is really good! You’re really talented!


faaaaam make a tutorial on how to animate one day…would love to learn cus this is some HQ stuff


That is amazing… It’s crazy how 20-30 years ago people couldn’t do this type of animations. And now people are doing this like nothing!


Hey thanks everyone for the kind words!!! :smiley: I’m sure there’ll be more to come in the future as I keep working on it


Cheers :smiley: but that might take awhile to put together! lol I found lots of tutorials on youtube tho


Hi folks, sorry it’s been awhile, I been hard at work making Promo Scenes for my series, one from each countries point of view, first one is New Zealand, second one is Australia and the one I’m working on at the moment will be United States. Hope you like them! :smiley:


Great stuff mate, work really hard on it ! :wink:


Wow this looks amazing.