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An update on things


Hey all,

I thought it’d be nice to take a break from the cryptic stuff and give you a clear update.

I don’t want to get into everything that factored into my decision to postpone the V2 project, but suffice to say there were too many ideas, too many promises, too many cooks in the kitchen, and too much money lost.

As of last week I’ve started working on a short looping video app again, from scratch, and currently by myself. In the process I’ve started having fun again and have rediscovered some of the joy I had when I first started creating Vine in 2012.

My plan is to eventually release this app, but I’m not ready to commit to any kind of timeframe. Similarly, I’m not ready to commit to any features or policies, or make any other kind of promises about this app. In general, I would encourage you to completely reset your expectations.

That said, I’m trying to do some of my best work, and I’m hopeful that the result will turn out well.

To give you an idea of where the app stands today, it’s currently in a very early (but working) alpha phase, being tested by a few of my close friends and family. My plan is to experiment with this alpha indefinitely until I feel that the general premise clicks. Only after that happens can we start thinking about putting together a team, finding money, and building for scale.

This app will not be called V2 and will not use a green color scheme. It probably won’t be the app that everyone wants (how could it be?), but I’m hopeful that it will find an audience.

There’s truth in video, and I’m happy to be working with it again.


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In case this wasn’t clear, this app will be a 6 second looping video app and is taking cues from both Vine and the work that was done on the V2 project, but is being approached differently.

In other words, this app is what the V2 project was going to be, but with a fresh start.

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