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An update about an update




Woop!! Excited!!


hype! i think lol…


This made my day even though I’m kinda late :joy: :grin:


This came like a cool breeze on a hot day


14 days ago = 2 weeks ago we want answers dom :smile:


Can’t wait!


Nice to hear that updated info will be out soon


Playin the Waiting game




This is not a good sign @dom



:worried: :worried: :worried:


I don’t see how that tweet is bad news!


That’s not good


If this is referring to v2 (which it may or may not) what contract would he be held under? He’s the one creating it…


Exactly unless there something we don’t know


How is this bad news? Kayne is being Kayne with his motivational tweets. Maybe I am not reading correctly.
I think Kayne is stating

I do not necessarily think it is shade but motivation, do not look at the negative side of things immediately. :smiley:


could we get some answers please? :sob: you made this post a month ago and never gave us any updates in the two weeks you said :frowning_face:, some ppl are starting to lose patience, could we plz get something? at least a sign that you’re still here? thanks


we gotta be patient man


iphone x. very excited for this