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An update about an update


Y’all best believe this is the best news I’ve heard all month


Hopefully the release date is earlier and not delayed :sweat_smile:


Funny I just listened to a podcast about opitism bias, we always think a project will take much less time than it actually will, v2 won’t be out until end of year I bet


Coooool :vine:


SO HAPPY! :heart_eyes:


It honestly looks like they rushed to make that app just so that they could tell people that they made v2. I see it climbing on the App Store charts but I don’t think they realize the viners they paid to use that app are just gonna use the real v2 for free. I was worried before but now I’m not lol.


damn the end of the year? I kinda doubt it lmao


ooooo cant wait !!


Looking forward to this :eyes:


rad! super excited.


If you don’t mention waffles in your next update I might just delete life


Awwww man! Why do I get the feeling that the app will be pushed back to fall/winter 2018??? :sob::sob::sob::sob::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Post on April 1st: “The App will be pushed back to winter of 2018…April fools!!!” I can see Dom doing this.


i’m jus hoping the release date isn’t delayed and we can get a beta soon. looking forward to more official news tho.




Can’t wait to see what the name will be, that’ll give us a real concrete thing to hope for and talk about!!


i feel dat too


Agreeeed!!! :raised_hands:t5: :heart::sparkles: :ok_hand:t5:


:blush: i miss it ■■■■■ should be coming soon :heart:


Can’t wait!