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An update about an update


Thank you so much for the update @dom! I know we were all a little bit spooked and uneasy when the twitter update didn’t come like we expected it to. This is such an amazing project and community! Keep up the good work and thanks for going out of your way for us!!


Thanks @Dom! We know that they are working very hard to bring a great app


This is insane that we’re hearing so much so soon :exploding_head: super impressed by the hustle


The name is the most exciting part, V2er doesnt sound too good so i cant wait to know what us creators get to call ourselves :rofl::rofl:


@dom any comment on the OEVO APP thats taking over with old viners.
Its scary how they came out with a vine app before v2. How will you combat it?


Can’t wait for the updates! Thanks for the transparency. :grin:


Thank you dom! We feel alive again! YES!!!


In my opinion, I don’t see it as much of a competition. Yes, it is has the 7 sec video feature, but it is very slow and laggy, the design looks outdated, and honestly, the only reason the old viners are on there is because they were paid to do it.


most people probably just won’t care about it. I mean, we have over 11,000 people on the forums :smile:


Awesome. I’m looking forward to it.




Sorry if this comes off as harassment but will we find out about square/portrait? Would be nice to know so we can start making videos.


Good to hear things aren’t chaotic just yet. I’m a pretty patient person, so just take as much time as you need to perfect the app! I’d rather have a great app that took lots of waiting to get than one I can get right away but is super rushed and works poorly. I’m looking forward to the final product! :blush:


Eh, once v2 releases anyone using Oevo’s most likely gonna switch over. I don’t think there will be an issue.


Thank you my lord.


glad to see you back Dom!


Sorry to hear about technical difficulties. But thank goodness you and your team are still working hard <3 everyone here is super excited!!




I really hope the app release date is not going to be delayed!


The hype is reaaaal, I’ll be massively looking forward to the updates.