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An update about an update


Hey all! Just wanted to check in. It’s been a little more difficult than we expected to get things off the ground, and that has led to a lack of updates for the past few weeks. But we’re still here! We’re hoping to have some answers in the next week or two and will post another update then. We’re planning on covering:

  • What’s been going on behind the scenes
  • Our mission
  • Status of the app
  • Plans for alpha/beta
  • An update on the app’s name
  • An updated release window

Thank you for your excitement, discussion, and patience so far! We’ll be back with more soon.

Noooooooo! Dom😂
Man, are these Oevo people salty or what? 😂
Why is Dom's recent post deleted?
What is Dom going to say about next week
V2 question 😊
V2 Delays?
Please Stop nagging Dom & team
Damn we have come a long way!





Can’t wait keep up the good work


Thank you for the update Dom!


Thank you for the update. Take all the time you need. No hurry :grin:


Just the fact that it’s confirmed as still being “a thing” has totaly made my Monday.


more excited about the app’s name compared to the beta surprisingly, possibly because the name will be able to represent the wonderful creation!


Thank you for the update, and keep up the good work!!!


Thank you so much Dom for getting back to us! Can’t wait!! :smile:


Thanks for the update on the update :smile:


YASSS im super excited for v2


Take your time @staff, hey man I’m having issues with a simple schedule/calendar desktop app I have to make (my dumb**s decided to make it on the electron framework without knowing any Node.js), so I completely understand when stuff doesn’t go according to the schedule(When an app comes out on time and doesn’t crash is legit magic PATIENCE PEEPS) If anything videos teasing us with features should keep the people chillin. GJ as of now V2 team :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


YESssssss!!! :smile:


Woooopp my day has been made alright, I can go to sleep now knowing all is well


Thanks @dom wish you luck, buddy :heart:


Good to hear from you @dom !! Keep at it!


Well, we’re all glad you took the time to let us know! We look forward to your updates, but don’t stress it :smile:


Omggggg yesssss thank you dom I promise we will all be patient for you cuz I know it’s going to be worth it thank you again


Thanks for the update uncle Dom. I’m eager to see what he means when he says “an update on app name”