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An email inbox dream


I can’t wait to get an email like this but from Byte Inc. (is that what Dom is calling it? Are they incorporated lol.)

I’ve been testing a beta version of Twitter that I honestly think people are gonna enjoy. I’m so hype & this is gonna sound odd but I had the TestFlight app just staring me dead in the eyes and I swear it started talking and mocking me so I had to test something in the meanwhile haha! Cami did say April 14-15 thats next week😬 Apps have been getting rounded corners, has anyone noticed this? Things are just a lot more bubbly, is that the future of apps just seems like it’s being modernized a lot lol.


Can u give us info about this new Twitter :eyes::eyes:


Yeah, here’s the sign up link if you’re intrested in applying you’ll see a couple people tweeting about it & sharing screenshots. I made a thread of all the new stuff.


Oh shoot, thanks!! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


It’ll come from Byte Inc. for sure yeah


Yes, So they are incorporated! I wasn’t sure if Byte was an LLC or not, a lot of people around me have been making LLC’s lately. Something about better benefits then being a sole proprietorship.


Registered on the App Store as byte inc for a few years now, that’s all I know!

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But it’s not out yet, it’s registered on the App Store?

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If you search for Bye inc you’ll find past apps of dom’s like peach!

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Ohhhh ! I remember Peach I saw their Twitter page, they shut down and had a little message. Didn’t know it was registered as Byte tho.


Any idea how would it look like for Android users?

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How does it look for Android? I have an iPhone.


Twitter 2 seems unnecessary lol

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it’s just a prototype, you can test it & give feedback and then i guess they’ll be implanting some of the changes into the real App Store app.

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changed from general to hype :sunglasses:!


ew i am not a fan of the new twitter at all.

is it going to change like that for everyone eventually?:tired_face:


I don’t know when their rolling it out, it’s just the prototype program & we can send our feedback where we say what we like, what we don’t like and what we want added. i asked for an edit tweet button lmao had to try but i rlly like the conversations and it’s organization for better readability.


editing tweets should only be allowed in the first lets say 2/3 mins, otherwise it could be abused. people would change their tweets completely

a public edit history would be good


I disagree, there shouldn’t be a time limit. People have brought up the fact that what if you don’t catch the mistake till later. Imagine going viral & having a grammatical error, I’m super OCD so if I got that sort of attention it would bother me. You just need to implement the right tools for the few malicious people out there. I honestly don’t think it will be abused, you’ll have an audit log of what was edited. The thinking around not having an edit button because it could corrupt the original version of a tweet and subsequent conversation (or reporting) around it sucks for everyone that’s here to talk about their hobbies or throw out an idea or have fun or whatever.

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If I remember correctly he said only gmails are getting it. The beta will be interesting to say the least