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An article about me

I was published on Thrive Global, it’s in the top 20,000 websites read globally. It was founded by the lady who made HuffPost.


that’s awesome dude!! congratulations !!!


I’d say “you’re famous,” but I already thought you were :smirk:. Congrats on the article!


Wow this is so cool!

Except that it’s in the community section written by someone who isn’t even a writer.It’s a guest post that literally anyone can sign up and post themselves. My videos have been published on the second most viewed website in the world!

Here’s the website of the guy who wrote it (ok turns out it wasn’t even him it’s just a fake account, however Jose seriously your website sucks)

Here’s a couple more posts by our mate Jose

My personal favourite is the one written about everyone’s favourite fashion designer Camilo Andres Vargas Lesmes.

I was really interested to see his design work so I tried to click his name and go to his instagram only to find that they took his account down… Not sure why but I guess it says something about the people Jose promotes

Aaaaaaaaaaand for good measure here’s a large amount of people who will write you one for a fee, not saying this is what happened, all I’m saying is that it was one of the first links when I googled thrive global…

I appreciate the effort you put into things, but just stop trying to buy your way towards success.

My favourite parts

“Currently, the music artist is currenting working on an album”

“Today, has been streamed over two million times.” which in my opinion, as someone that can just about do basic maths, isn’t exactly correct

Also, never noticed this but that’s a hefty number of listeners in silver spring for a place of less than 80,000.


Also this line

“By the end of the first week it had over 400,000 plays on SoundCloud”

which is uhmmmm about 100k more than it says on your spotify bio

Onto the instagram account.

I’ll give you props for the fact you at least put views on the video for the new song, but 23k views and no likes or comments?


In fact, no comments on anything on your insta! For 39k that’s kinda weird

Here’s an old screenshot I have from a video you posted, just after the whole egg thing, which I found really funny

Always thought it was odd that for someone so famous and so popular to get a whole 400k on soundcloud in a WEEK, that you’d have more written about you, but I guess insyde software is just really popular?


Such a peculiar coincidence for this to happen just after you tried to get on famous birthdays

Crazy you wouldn’t talk about the big interview you had with everyones favourite news outlet teenmusicinsider?

It’s so weird that all of these interviews seem to be by the same person? Oh, it’s worth noting TMI is in fact a blog, not an outlet


So, onto FreshOutOfTheBooth, another highly reputable outlet.

“Insyde is also an avid photographer and has over 45,000 followers on his Instagram account, which he used heavily to promote his song” and this is from may 21st, so somehow you lost 6k since then, which must really suck…

Oh I found a site that officially says that you declined an offer from Capitol records for an undisclosed amount, here’s a few people signed to Capitol. Halsey, Jon Bellion, Katy Perry, Neil Diamond, NF, Niall Horan and The Beatles. I added NF, for no reason other than the fact you list him as your biggest inspiration. Just seems odd to me that a 17 year old would decline an offer from a music label that had recently signed your biggest inspiration…


Was there any need to get your name on urban dictionary??

Thought I was done but it appears I’m not since I found what I can only describe as the worst thing I’ve ever found

Big respect on naming your new song ‘Something Real’…

At least you featured your friends, that was cool!

I haven’t even started on the stuff about your last song, here’s the comments on a song called victory at a cost?

From the UD definition I’m going to go out on a limb and say ‘da man’ is just you, since he also follows literally just you on soundcloud

It’s weird that you removed songs from literally everywhere without any trace of them ever existing

Also some of these dates just aren’t adding up

You appear to have not posted your new song on your website, not sure why?

I saw you took your merch down, that sucks…

this is an interesting question on the application for shoelace records…

hundreds of applications… man you must be so busy

I’d look at the comments on Sometimes too but, there aren’t any so…

Is it legal to call yourself the composer of this? I mean we literally hear cashmoneyap at the start so obviously you bought the beat?


Dug a bit and found it’s called horizon

Saw you credited your friend Henry but only on genius, kinda confusing? Same as CashMoneyAP, which is hilarious given that he’s a really well known artist.

Ok, I get it, you didn’t make the beat on Something Real, that’s understandable, but it’s well documented over genuis, spotify and everywhere else that you made the beat for Sometimes


So then I don’t really understand this screenshot saying it was produced by BluMajic?


Haven’t found the exact one but I’m almost certain you aren’t the producer, which is kinda weird since you claim you are?

This isn’t a dig, just something I thought was funny


Just googled Insyde Music, and a page on thrive global came up

I saw a name that didn’t seem right, our mate Jose seemed to have had gender reassignment surgery in the past three hours, and been married

I really have to thank Dylan for leaving his tab open, so we literally have a recording of when the name changes


Did I have to go this hard? No
Will it stop insyde doing this again? No
Will I do it again in that case? Yes


Haha! Cool, hopfully it will be about Byte as well soon… I hope we all get big…

Oh wow @Daniel …that is some thorough research there

And yea @Insyde plsss plsss don’t get recognition through unorthodox and easily false measures.

It jus truly tarnishes your reputation maaan. :frowning:

I know you’re a hard working dude, just try your best to use that hardwork and dedication to perfect your craft rather than falsify your way up.

Cus it’s REALLY easy to notice

Source: been there, done that.


why you gotta be a downer? let him have his fun lol im happy for him, congrats @Insyde!


congrats for what


Your research, although interesting and thorough, may be controversial. I’m not taking sides, nor am I trying to instigate an argument, I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt.


Dan be like:


I think if he wants to say ‘a big website published me’ it’s fair for me to look at what that website is. Not hurting feels, just showing stuff people won’t find for themselves


no one likes a phony tho. it’s clear as day


Fair enough, you do have a point.


It’s totally understandable to not hurt anyone, but then again it’s also not truly right to not be honest with others.

For example: someone is a unfortunately not THAT good at singing, you wouldn’t wanna lie and say they’re fantastic, instead you would wanna provide constructive criticism, and encourage them by giving tips etc.

Obviously you wouldn’t blatantly state “ah nah ur music is trash bruh”. That would hurt their feelings.


that’s so cool!!


Wow :smiley: Congrats! :smile:


insyde has not yet commented on this matter


Why you gotta be such an oblivious optimist? If I were you, I wouldn’t defend this Insyde guy after we’ve basically established that he’s obviously using shady tactics to advertise his (frankly bad) music.

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i was joking… this is not that deep lol


Ok lol. It’s really hard to tell, because everyone in the forums is super positive and optimistic and supportive. I honestly believe I’m the only cynical realist on the site.