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Allowing Solutions/Answers

Not sure if we already have the Discourse Solved plugin, but judging from the solved tab being visible on profiles, I’m assuming we do?

Just wondering why we don’t have an option to accept answers as solutions to questions. I’ve always wondered what the tab was even for since there isn’t an option, so here’s a link to the official discourse thread about the solved plugin.

Adding this plugin would allow users and staff to mark when a question is answered, and link straight to the solution. This would obviously reduce people asking the same questions, and would make it much easier for new users to find answers to any questions they have! This is much easier than the system we have now, where we just edit titles and move threads to a separate category.


I noticed that feature was around a few months ago and I started wondering the same thing! I never said anything because we already had a system to use in place, like you said. But, I think we should definitely start using this method or a hybrid of the current process and the suggested one. :ballot_box_with_check: