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All Ideas/Suggestions For V2


Here is a collection of some great ideas.


  • Ability to create playlists or “collections”. Can save your own and other users videos
  • Ability to make the playlist/collections private or public.
  • Ability to select between auto play or looping (Automatically plays the next video, or loops same video until user goes to next)

Liked Posts

  • Ability to see liked posts
  • Ability to organize by newest and oldest


  • History of all watched videos (Idea by: @nathdupc )
  • Ability to clear history


  • Ability to filter/block certain words from all you videos
  • Ability to pin comments
  • Ability for users to see newest/top comment
  • Replies to a comment can be seen under that comment rather than just going to bottom
  • Must have Character limit and links shouldn’t be allowed in comments (to prevent spam)


  • Ability to edit caption
  • Hashtags and links are compressed into a tab that says “Hashtags” or “Links” which can expand when clicked. This will make things look cleaner


  • Ability to add subtitles to your videos to cater to different audiences. (Idea by: Jaydel)
  • Subtitles can be provided by: yourself, designated users, or you can approve subtitles from other users


  • View content based on Newest, Oldest, and Most Popular
  • Ability to switch between viewing content in grid mode
  • A “Friends” tab to see featured channels and the teams they are in
  • An “About” tab for users to give a description and link to other social media

Scheduled Posts

  • Ability to schedule posts (Idea by @lilwestie)
  • Scheduled time is mentioned in bio (Example: Next Upload Scheduled at 8:30pm EST) (Idea by: @tola)


  • Ability to turn off likes and rev*nes for individual users, as well as everyone (if they show up on your feed)

Pinned Video/Artist Reel/Profile Trailer

  • ?Artist Reel/Profile Trailer - Video pinned at very top of page, 30 Seconds to explain channel
  • Pinned Video - Regular Pinned video that comes after the Artist Reel/Profile Trailer
  • Links: Artist Reel and Creator/Artist Video Trailers for V2!
  • Highlights/Collections: Similar to instagram highlights, but instead of stories, its videos

Team Monetization Rules

  • When a team is created, the creator MUST fill out a textbox specifying the monetization rules of the team. When a user joins the team, they must agree to those terms before joining. If the terms/rules are changed, all team members will receive a notification to accept or reject these changes

Linking Videos

  • Ability to “Link” videos together with another user. Once your video is done playing, it will load and play theirs. (Variation to @Quinten’s idea)

Swipe/Shuffle System

  • Swipe system: A random video is presented to you, you can swipe left to move to the next video, or swipe right to go to the users profile (or likes it and moves to next video)
  • Videos are presented from: recently upload videos or random video/profile trailer from random users
  • The more a post gets “Swiped Right,” the more likely it is to be suggested
  • (Based off of @Braden’s and @sngrffn’s “Swipe” ideas)

Official YouTube Channel

  • ?Create an official youtube channel run by staff on V2
  • Channel can be used for: Making announcments, showcasing features, uploading compilations


  • Simple analytics for you videos
  • Ability to set video to public, private, or unlisted
  • Ability to upload videos from the desktop version
  • Ability to switch between multiple accounts (Idea by @ethan)
  • To be able to return to the same spot in the feed after you visit a users profile (Idea by: @TopJew)
  • People you follow show at the top of other users following/follower list (Based off @joescully’s idea)
  • Keep place in feed when leaving the app. Prompted to “Go To Top” when returning if you wish. Similar to twitter. (Idea by Cableson)
  • If there are handles AND usernames, you should be able to search for them both
  • Ghost Mode Camere (By @SoyLaloCastro)
  • Dark Mode

?Question mark is for ideas that I’m uncertain about
Please leave your suggestions and feedback! Thanks

Something you hope the v2 has/doesnt have
'Team' Collaborations in App
Multiple Users/Channels
Weekly Topics
It would be so cool, to have a history section, where you have every video you last watch
Scheduled Uploads and Time Frame bar
V2 Playlists
Randomized Video Search
New Interactive Idea!
For creators
“Discover” feature
Favorite Features?
New v2 tools
Can the App not shoot me to the top?
Category user ranking
How is v2 gonna make sure that a select few don't take over?
What do you hope to see in v2?
Profile Playlists
Featured Clip on v2 Profile
What would you like to add to the app
Ability to Switch Between Accounts
Hashtags or Hidden Tags?
New v*** Ideas?
Hashtags or Hidden Tags?
What new features would you like to see?
Editing Descriptions
Website Section / Clickable Links

Those sound like pretty good ideas. Hopefully they’ll be implemented into the app


The collaboration from a distance thing is not really about linking 2vids together more like making one video together (kind of like a duet) with people you send a “collab request” to ( you can only send one to people with the same range of followers or less then yours). This video can be found on both channels with link to the lther persons channel, or under the “tagged” or “collab-tap” on the artist’s profile :slight_smile:

Beeing able to do collabs from a distance makes it easier to grow for people who live in small towns. This gives everyone a fair chance to work together, not only people from LA for example, where there are a lot of content creators :blush:

Great idea to put all the ideas together :sunglasses::ok_hand:


ahh, thanks for the clarification. I’ll change “addition” to “Variation” so there is no confusion. The idea of linking videos did popup in my head after i read your post.


Ads on behalf of countries. For example, I’m in Turkey, and I found v2 thanks to Dom hofmann. We can make special advertises for every country. And these are done according to the interests of the countries. In my country, it didn’t spread. But there are some countries. Some news may spread around. I think someone should be chosen for each country and advertising strategies should be planned.


I like the idea about the guidelines for the teams, maybe like a little terms and agreement each user has to check off in order to join the team.


Like this organization! Be sure to add more and link previous posts, giving credit to the original thinker


Added some more links and tagged some people who made similar posts.

For the others ideas, either I came up with them, or so many people have mentioned it in multiple posts that I just leave it as a general idea


thanks for making this!


These are all pretty good ideas. I doubt at first all of these will be used, but hopefully a lot of them will be


Thanks for the kind replies guys. Glad you liked the ideas. Anyone got more? Ill update it once i collect some more!

I'm making a list of ideas, so DM me

I think it would be cool if you saw a video you liked and you could swipe to see more content from that artist or team but still stay in the feed so you could easily scroll through other videos. I don’t know if it’s possible but I think it’s a cool idea :aww:


That’s a good idea cuz I hate when i visit someone’s page and loose my spot in the feed


Update (#1): Added to top post:

  • Comments: switch between top comment and newest comment
  • Comments: Replies to a comment can be seen under that comment
  • Comments: Must have Character limit and no links
  • Idea to keep place in the feed after visiting a persons profile (Credits to: @TopJew)
  • Idea to have history saved (Credits to: @NathanDupessey)
  • Idea to have your next scheduled upload time be mentioned in bio (Credits to: @tola)


Add this?


these are cool ideas
very nicely put together
well done :clap:


I’ll check it out


Yes I think all of them are good ideas


For monetization, how is it going to work? Will a 6-second ad play before you watch a vine, or will there be a banner ad below the vine?


dom didn’t reveal what it’s going to be. I’m sure they are working hard on that cause monetization is a very important topic