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is this being actively updated? very useful!


Ya, I add new ideas if i come up with anything or see anything on the forums


we should have the ability to archive posts and not delete them so that we can pick and choose which posts we want to have on our profiles exactly like instagram does it.


Update (#3): Added to top post:

  • Adding subtitles to your videos (Credits: @jaydel) [Section: Subtitles]
  • Searching a persons handle OR username should lead to same profile [Section: General]
  • Being allowed to make a video public, private, or unlisted [Section: General]


Interactive v*nes!
Ability to link vnes in a story for making branching 'choose your own adventures’

Maybe simple game controls that let people remix some wario-ware templates. Sort of like face raiders or snapchat filters but for microgames

Artists slot in images or their video feed and do funny/strange things.
The gaming section felt pretty weak on old v*ne. Making v2 have interactive videos would be innovative and would help v2 stand out. People could have a lot of fun with just knowing where someone tapped the screen and when (time in video) for simple wario-ware timing and rhythm games.


I love these and I enjoy creating them myself on YouTube! 6 seconds is just enough for each video, so this would be perfect.


it allowed you to post vines longer than 6 seconds


nah, 6.5 seconds is a good length for v2. when you make it longer, you make v2 more similar to instagram, etc


That would be so fun!


THAT would be sooo cool


Pretty sure it was a feature only given to those with more than 100 followers which you had to opt in to get anyway, just think it would be cool to have as an option again.


One thing I really like about watching old V compilations is the music ones. I think v2 could do well with Monetizing off of music that can be selected during post creation process.

I don’t know how these songs can be selected, whether they are promoted songs or if the user can select one from their library.

I think if it was a promoted network then it would encourage artists to use v2 as an avenue to promote their songs.

I know that before, songs were popularized because of V compilations. What does the community think about this? Are videos that use song annoying or fun?

I air on the fun side, but wondering what everyone else thinks.


There should be a “undiscovered users” section. To make it easier to gain followers. In order for people to be in there they should have less than a certain amount of followers or that they haven’t gained followers for a while. People can see their most liked or recent video and go to the person’s profile from there.


That would be sooooo awesome.


Thanks! Imagine how much undiscovered talent passes by because there aren’t sections like this in other social media


Kind of like Facebook where you look at one video and you just can’t stop because more and more appear :joy:


Hiya! I already started a topic for my idea but I think I explained it poorly and it hasn’t gotten much attention. Maybe that means it’s not a good idea, but I really feel like it is. I hate to “bump” it per se but I’d hate for v2 to be less than it could be just because I couldn’t explain something well.

Anyhow I think community app development would be good for building the v2 community and promoting creativity, while simultaneously improving the app itself. All of which are great things I’d love to see flourish and prosper!

The idea is kind of difficult to explain in words, but I would love to discuss and explain it further if anyone wants to take me up on that!

And if you do think it’s a good idea, by all means add it to your list / share it other places. It’s more likely to happen if more people see it. :grinning:


Havent updated this in a while, but @SoyLaloCastro mentioned “Ghost mode camera”, and I cant believe I forgot about that


note: if there is a option that we can stop seeing content from a certain user, should also keep make sure that it is also blocked out when a person you follow revines or likes that persons videos

also should be able to disable all revines and likes for individual users you follow, and/or for all users you follow